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Anglada-Camarasa (1871–1959)
Organised by: Provincial Council of Zaragoza.
Curators: Silvia Pizarro and Charo Sanjuán.
General coordination: Aurea Cultura i Art.
Management and coordination of the catalogue: Aurea Cultura i Art.

Hermen Anglada–Camarasa (Barcelona, 1871 – Port de Pollença, 1959) is one of the Spanish artists who enjoyed greatest international prestige and success in Europe and Argentina in the early 20th century and, after 1924, also in the United States. The subject matter as well as the pomposity of the colour, its contrapositions and luminous effects place the artist among the great names of international artistic modernity.

The exhibition presents around sixty works that make up a route through the different creative stages of the artist: starts showing his early works, dating from the late nineteenth century and are included in the prevailing naturalism, widely stopping at his Paris production to continue with magnificent landscapes painted in Mallorca; The tour ends with several oil paintings made during his last period, corresponding to the years of the Spanish Civil War and the postwar period. a documentary section that photographs, exhibition catalogs and publications, and the screening of a documentary centered on the figure of the artist are presented is also included.

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  • From 6 June to 1 September 2013
  • Hermen Anglada-Camarasa
  • Palacio de Sástago. Zaragoza – Spain
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