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Chagall, Love and Live. From the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Organised by: Dcomm
Co-organised: The Israel Museum-Jerusalem, Arthemisia and Aurea Cultura i Art.
Curator: Ronit Sorek

From the collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, works by Marc Chagall, one of the best-loved artists of the 20th century, are now in Korea for the first time. So universal as to be known, recognized and loved by everyone, he of all the artists of the last century remained true to himself while going through wars and catastrophes as well as political and technological revolutions.
Through drawings, some oil paintings, gouaches, lithographs, etchings and watercolours, the show reveals an artistic vision influenced by Chagall’s great love for his wife Bella and grief over her early death in 1944. It traces the course of his life and his art, a mixture of the major European traditions, from his original Jewish and Russian culture to the meeting with French avant-garde painting.
To borrow from the title of one of Bella’s books, Chagall’s lights are still burning. Never a tormented artist, he preserved his optimism and delight in living to the very end of his long life.

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  •  From 5 June to 26 de September 2018
  • Marc Chagall
  • SAC Hangaram Design Museum. Seoul – South Korea
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