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Emotions on Black. Enric Ansesa
Organised by: Imaginart Gallery.
Curator: Charo Sanjuán.

The twenty-six items making up the exhibition are the most recent works produced by the artist, who maintains the constants of his conceptual minimalist work, with a language that evolves from absolute creative freedom and an evolution that endows it with extreme coherence. Black—sign of identity of his paintings and which the artist attributes deep feeling— continues filling the background of his canvases, constituting a single plane where everything takes place at the same time; it is space that holds the different elements: signs, calligraphies, lines, dots…, abandoning any reference to perspective, to express his thoughts, expose his discourse. It is an internal reality and its context, an idea, an emotion, something intimate, and when the spectator connects with his work it opens up a space for reflection and understanding where they find themselves and a meaning of life.

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  •  From 8 April to 3 June 2016
  •  Enric Ansesa
  • Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona – Spain
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