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Gaudí unique
Organised by: Ibercaja Obra Social (Ibercaja Community Projects), Aurea Cultura i Art, Càtedra Gaudí (Gaudí Chair) and Museu Diocesà de Barcelona (Barcelona’s Diocesan Museum).
Curators: Charo Sanjuán and Pere Jordi Figuerola (Colònia Güell Gaudí Crypt – Gaudí Workshop).
Coordination: Aurea Cultura i Art.
Management and coordination of the catalogue: Aurea Cultura i Art.

The exhibition is an approach and didactic clear to the person and the work of Antoni Gaudi, one of the most outstanding figures of the international art and architecture. Mediante planes, dibujos, scale models, furniture, Parts architectural, sculptures, fotografías Vintage and audio, the visitor is About to compleja personality and at the main work of the eminent architect, a Journey ranging from sus proyectos de estudiante until the Temple Sagrada Familia work more conocida- -su, passing through the Palacio Güell y las casas urban Calvet, Batlló and Mila, popularmente Known as “La Pedrera”, one of the masterpieces of twentieth century architecture. The intellectual rigor and the seriedad essential as treating in the figure and work of this eminent architect and unique sound that premisas aboriginal discourse and the Content of the exhibition.

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  • From 27 September 2012 to 29 January 2013
  • Antoni Gaudí
  • Patio de la Infanta – Ibercaja. Zaragoza – Spain
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