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The beauty of Catalan Modernism. Works from the Museu del Modernisme de Barcelona (Barcelona Modernisme Museum)
Organised by: Municipal Culture Foundation – Valladolid City Council, Aurea Cultura i Art and Museu del Modernisme de Barcelona (Barcelona Modernisme Museum).
Curators: Gema Losa and Charo Sanjuán.

The exhibition reflects the enormous creativity of Modernisme, a complex and varied movement that developed in Catalonia between the eighteen-eighties and the first decade of the 20th century, and which not only influenced the Fine Arts (architecture, painting, sculpture, decorative arts) but also other areas of Catalan culture such as literature, music or theatre, and which arose as an expression of the will to adapt art and culture to a new social reality, create a unique style, and equate it to a cultural trend that appeared in different places of Europe under different names and was identified with modernity, hence its name. The exhibition shows the vast extension of this movement and the complexity of the artistic production of the period, one which does not coincide with any single aesthetic expression, as it combines varied and contradictory styles. Among the artists represented in the exhibition are Ramon Casas, Alexandre de Riquer, Joaquim Mir, Pau Gargallo, Josep Llimona, Gabriel Homar, Antoni Gaudí…

Painting, sculpture, furniture… all clearly expressing Modernisme and its search for beauty which characterised a whole period.

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  •  From 11 May to 13 July 2015
  • Modernismo
  • Museo de Pasión exhibition room. Valladolid – Spain
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