Services related to art

Organisation of exhibitions
We fully organise exhibitions. Develop the project, seek out the works, mange the transport, contract insurance coverage, design the catalogue if necessary, set up and dismantle the exhibition, design the merchandising, etc.
Our scope of action is worldwide: we can organise any exhibition in any part of the world.

Certification of works of art
When wanting to buy or sell a work of art, its value is not random; it largely depends on the documentation accompanying it. The most important document is the certificate of authenticity. Without this document, the sale of an important work of art may be cut short, its value drop considerably or it may simply be passed around the art purchase/sale market eternally without anybody wanting to buy it. In Aurea we offer the possibility of managing the process for obtaining the certificate of authenticity. We take charge of organising the documentation required to send the work of art to the appropriate organisation for certification.

Purchase and sale of works of art
In Aurea we are in permanent contact with art collectors from all over the world. If you need to sell a work of art, we are committed to only making it known among collectors where there can be real interest, never to brokers or art dealers. The same occurs if you are seeking a work of art, we will look for the one that best adapts to each customer’s specific needs.

With the experience accumulated over years of organising exhibitions, we can offer art-oriented logistics services. We can offer complete management of the collection of works for any exhibition, organise shipment, contract the corresponding insurance coverage and set up the exhibition.

Aware that one of the most important aspects of any exhibition is merchandising, we offer the possibility of designing it or managing that already available, as well as organising the production of articles if necessary.

Design of catalogues and art books
We carefully design catalogues for exhibitions, as well as monographs about artists or current cultural and artistic trends, organising content lay-out as well as the design and publishing.
There is also the possibility of producing interactive catalogues for an exhibition.

Artistic advisory services
We offer advisory and cataloguing services for public and private art collections.

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