Picasso, arte y arena

Organised by: Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza · Fundación Pablo Ruiz Picasso – Museo Casa Natal – Ayuntamiento de Málaga.

Coordinated by: Aurea Cultura i Art.

Curator: Mario Virgilio Montañez Arroyo.

From 13 February to 4 May 2014

Palacio de Sástago, Zaragoza, Spain

The world of bullfighting is known to be a constant theme in Picasso’s work, generating diverse interpretations and undergoing transformations that are brought to light in this exhibition. Bullfighters and even more so, the bulls themselves, are central figures in the graphic work of the Malaga-born artist and occupy a prominent place in his ceramics, as well.

This exhibition offers a broad spectrum of Picasso’s graphic works that explore the theme of bullfighting, accompanied by several of his ceramics. Most of the works on display belong to the Fundació Pablo Ruiz Picasso – Museu Casa Natal collection. Also featured are the twenty-eight engravings dating from 1957 that form part of the book La Tauromaquia o arte de torear [Bullfighting or the Art of Bullfighting], and which have been taken from a private collection.

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