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Who we are

With more than ten years of experience working in the art world, we provide the full range of art-related services for all types of clients, public and private alike. Among our main services, we organise art exhibitions. For example, we have brought the works of Antoni Gaudí and the city of Barcelona to Japan, South Korea, Moscow, Amsterdam and Poznań. Our staff have extensive experience and are multi-skilled, giving us a highly flexible, innovative and competitive edge in many areas.

In a word, Aurea is a global partner in the art world and meets all the needs of the sector, ranging from artwork certification to the logistics of an exhibition to be held anywhere in the world.

Reliability, professionalism and a passion for what we do are our raison d’être and the reason our clients work with us, project after project.

Do you have a collection that would you like us to manage?

What we do

We handle every aspect of exhibition organisation. We develop the project, locate the works, make the transport arrangements, purchase the necessary insurance coverage, compile the catalogue, set up and dismantle the exhibition, design the merchandising, and more.
We work internationally and can organise any exhibition, anywhere in the world.

When buying or selling a work of art, there is nothing random about the sale price. In fact, it largely depends on the documentation accompanying the piece. The most important document of all is the certificate of authenticity. Without it, the sale process can be delayed, the value of the art work can go down considerably, and the piece can simply end up floating around the art market forever, with no interested buyer. At Aurea, we handle the authenticity certification process, meaning that we gather and prepare all the necessary documentation so that the art piece can be sent to the corresponding certification agency for processing.

Here at Aurea, we are in ongoing contact with art collectors around the world. If you wish to sell a work of art, we can commit to promoting it strictly among the collections that might be interested in it. We never speak with intermediaries or art dealers. And our criteria are exactly the same when you are looking to buy: we will find the piece that best suits your needs.

With our many years of experience in the organisation of exhibitions, we offer an art-oriented logistics service. We provide comprehensive management of all the processes involved in an exhibition. We collect the works and send them to their points of destination, and we later return them to their points of origin, once the exhibition has been taken down. We also purchase the necessary insurance policies and set up and dismantle the exhibition.

We understand that merchandising is an important aspect of any exhibition. As a result, we offer the option of designing merchandise or working with the items that are already available. We can also arrange to have the merchandising items produced, if necessary.

We compile exhibition catalogues, as well as monographic works on specific artists or cultural and artistic movements, handling the contents, the design and the book publication process.

We also offer the option of creating interactive exhibition catalogues.

We provide consultation and catalogue services for public and private art collections.